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Ultrazvukový nebulizátor MY-520A UK
Ultrazvukový nebulizátor MY-520A UK
Ultrazvukový nebulizátor MY-520A UK
Ultrazvukový nebulizátor MY-520A UK
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Ultrazvukový nebulizátor MY-520A UK - Bílý



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- This is just the right equipment for your medications for asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and other lung illness; health care fuction such as enhancing immune function,clean lungs,moisten skin and so on
- Goodbye to bulky large noisy nebulizer machines and hello to portable nebulizer
- Handy, lightweight, compact and portable respirator / nebulizer for emergency, travel, and on the go
- Portable designed so you carry it around for your inhalation treatments and as emergency kit
- You can use ordinary tap or distilled water with your physician-prescribed medication to create an effective high frequency mist
- Produces a fine mist for advanced medication therapy
- Can be used by both kids and adults, suitable for all ages


1,Please sterilize the medicine cup,mask and mouthpiece with 10%-20% saline water before using.
2,It should add water in water vessel before turning the switch ON,and should add purified water or the water-soluble medicine liquid in the medicine cup.
A,Take away the baffle-type cover,and together take out the soft glue gastek.
B,Add water in water Vessel,which parallels the latex ring is available.
C,Add  the atomized liquid into medicine cup,and put into the water vessel.(Medicine cup midline is 10ml)
D,Cover with the baffle-type cover.
(Note:The best atomized temperature in the water vessle is 30 degree.)
3,Put the transformer through the interface of electrical source,and turn on the power.
4,When the machine stop working automatically and if there ie residual atomized liquid in the cup medicine,you can repeat the third step.
5,Machine maintenance: Pour the water, wipe the container, put it in a dry and ventilated place after use. Put the machine back to the box after it is  all dry.


Ultrasonic frequency: 2.4MHZ
Size of Atomized particle: 0.5-5 micron
Capacity of medicine Cup:  10ml
Vessel Capacity: 25ml
Atomization volume 0.375ml/min: 20 mins Timing Automatically
Atomization volume 0.5ml/min: 10 mins Timing Automatically
Operating voltage:  DC12V
Input voltage: 100-240V can works in all countries
Package Weight: 440g approx.

Pakage included:

1 x Ultrasonic Nebulizer (in original retail package)
2 x Mask (1 adult size, 1 children size)
5 x Medical cups
2 x Mouth pieces
1 x UK AC adapter
1 x English Manual


1,It will produce oxygen and drug oxygen during the process of working.Please be more carefully use in the flammable environment.
2,Do not use the machine in wet condition and do not incline the machine body when using.
3,It's prohibited to open the baffle-type cover when it's working.
4,When you stop the process of using,please brush your teeth.

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Ultrazvukový nebulizátor MY-520A UK


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