roborock was established in China. MCYH offers the best products as amazing ,roborock focused on the .Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world.We have an endless strive to deliver the best products.

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Habe nach 3 Wochen Lieferzeit meinen ersten Saugroboter im Einsatz und bin mit dem Roborock S6 eigentlich zufrieden. Die Installation verlief problemlos und schnell. Auch die Einrichtung auf dem IPhone und der Zugriff über Alexa verlief schnell und einfach. <br><br>Dennoch habe ich die eine oder andere Anmerkung zu machen. Vielleicht habe ich noch nicht alle Funktionen gefunden, oder es besteht hier und da noch Verbesserungspotential.<br><br>Zur App Xiaomi Home:<br>- Das Anpassen der Sperrzonen und die Aufteilung der Räume macht sich auf dem IPhone nicht wirklich schön. Man kann nicht weit genug hineinzoomen, womit eigentlich immer der Finger auf dem Touchdisplay im Weg ist. <br>- Das Mapping der Räume, es wäre schön wenn die Kantenglättung konfigurierbar wäre. An diversen Stellen verursachen Blumen oder sonstiger Krams im Mapping unsaubere Kanten, welche Probleme bei der Raumteilung oder beim Einrichten von Sperrzonen verursachen können. <br>- Die aufgeteilten Räumen können nicht benannt werden. Es wäre schön wenn ich jedem Raum einen Namen zuweisen könnte (z.B. Küche, oder Badezimmer) und dieser dann über die Alexa zur spezifischen Raumreinigung verwendet werden kann. (zB „Alexa, Roborock soll die Küche saugen“)<br><br>Ansonsten wie bereits gesagt, alles in Ordnung. Ich würde das Gerät auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen!
Astounding value for money!<br>This robotic vacuum performs extremely well. It's quite intelligent and able to navigate my house without a hitch.<br>It's huge battery enables it to clean my whole house (115m2) on a single charge with 55% charge to spare!<br>It does wonders with cat hair. <br>The supporting app is also quite good and the mapping and zoning functions are very useful.<br>What's more: it keeps improving with each firmware update!<br>The mopping option is a great plus!<br><br>I recommend this vacuum wholeheartedly!
First off, the thing doesn't get stuck at all. Very impressed with that.<br>The app works really well. The map function is impressive. Drive it around the house to map it out and then I'm able to block off areas without using the physical barrier tape that the other brands use. I can also watch it clean the house from work and see that it has cleaned everywhere. Or tell it to go an clean the area where we just dropped a bunch of crumbs. I just love this thing so far.
The item delivered from EU warehouse and arrived in time with priority shipment as has been estimated. The manual cleaning is still necessary, but the product has met with our expectation. It is a little bit noisy, but it is still at an acceptable level. My opinion is that this device is a quite reasonable choice to make everyday cleanups, and give us some free time. I definitely would by this product again, and recommend it to everyone!
I already had one downstairs and i quickly realized i want another one upstairs. If you are still considering buying one of robotic cleaners this one is one is almost perfect. You cant bur better one for this money (I'm not sure if you can buy better one at all as this works better than roomba) Price here is one of the best you can find. Remember, if you like white one it's s50 which is exactly the same, just different colour.
Polecam sprzedawcę bardzo szybka wysyłka, produkt zgodny z opisem wszystko dotarło nie na ruszonym opakowaniu
Estive uns tempo até comprar e não fiquei arrependido até estou a pensar comprar outro. Aplicação funciona muito bem e aspira muito bem qualquer tipo de piso, o depósito fica sempre cheio apesar de o chão aparentar estar limpo, incrível, aconselho sem duvidas.
The suction of this cleaner is very strong, it can easily remove the garbage with the size of the steel beads.
Bem tudo conforme esperado e bem protegido , aspirador não desilude e o facto de conseguir subir pequenos obstáculos é muito bem só e pena do depósito pequeno que para quem tem animais e chato.<br><br>Exelente produto
Roborock Dock Charger from Xiaomi Youpin<br><br>Good Product!<br><br>The ants moved into the previous dock and caused a short circuit!<br>That's why I had to buy a new one!
Everything is fine - arrived in the agreed shipment time and price was good! Nothing was missed from package.
Der roborock ist der Hammer. <br><br>Er macht das was er machen soll.
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